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Important details of the " Bajaj Allianz Invest Gain" Plan

ConditionsInvestGa in EconomyInvestGa in Gold! Diamond/ Platinum/ Any additional benefit
Minimum Age at Entry0 (Risk Commences at age]) 18
Maximum Age at Entry6550
Maximum Age at Maturity7070
Minimum Term5
Maximum Term40
Minimum Sum Assured50000
Maximum Sum AssuredNo Limits
Minimum PremiumRs. 5000 for Annual Mode, Rs. 2500 for H Yearly,
Premium Payment TermEqual to the policy term or limited as per the table given.

Monthly mode is available under salary savings scheme only

More value for money — our attractive High Sum Assured Rebate
Bajaj Allianz offers an attractive premium discount structure, where you can have a discount of at least Rs, 84 on the annual premium for every additional Rs. 10000 Sum Assured purchased over and above the minimum Sum Assured of Rs. 50000. For example, as per tabular premium rates, the annual premium for a 30 year old male for a 30 year policy of Rs. 5 lakh Sum Assured comes to Rs. 16,050/- before the High Sum Assured Rebate. After the high sum assured rebate, the premium is Rs. 12,270/- only.
For shorter premium payment terms, the discount is even higher - Rs. 200 for the 2 year, Rs. 150 for 3 year and Rs. 100 for Sand 7 years.

Limited Premium Payment Terms - For your Convenience
You do not have to pay premiums for the full term of the policy. We provide you with a range of limited premium payment terms for you to finish obligations as fast as possible and enjoy the benefits of life cover without any worry there after.

Advantage Women
There will be a premium discount for female policyholders in the package. Basic premium payable will be equivalent to the premium for a two-year younger male policyholder for the base policy only.

Tax Benefits as per current tax laws
Premiums paid are eligible for Tax Exemption under Section 88 of the Income Tax Act. Maturity and death proceeds are Tax Free under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act. The premiums for the Critical Illness Benefit and the Hospital Cash Benefit will be eligible for Tax Exemption under Section 80 (D) of the Income Tax Act.

Fund Access -Loans
You can avail of Loans underyour policy provided the policy has acquired a surrender value. The loan amount shall be within 90% of the surrender value.

Change of Occupation
On change of occupation, depending upon the nature of the new occupation, the premiums and benefit with respect to the Critical Illness and Hospital Cash may be modified.

General Exclusion
In case the life assured commits suicide within one year of the date of commencement of the policy, the benefits of the plan would not be payable, and the premiums would be refunded.

15 days FreeLoolc Period:
Within 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy, you have the option to review the terms and conditions and return the policy, if you disagree to any of the terms & conditions, stating the reasons for your objections. You will be entitled to a refund of the premium paid, subject only to a deduction of a proportionate risk premium for the period on cover and the expenses incurred on medical examination and stamp duty charges.