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Bajaj Allianz Invest Gain "Because life has a second chance
"It takes only a moment to make promises and a life time to keep them. Keeping promises made to your loved ones is not just a responsibility, but a commitment that you have to live up to.When you promise to see your family through thick and thin you need to make sure that you have planned for all the eventualities that may be fall on them. You need to be prepared that even if there ever is an instance that you are not there with them you have saved enough to see them through their entire life. We understand this need, which is why we have developed Bajaj Allianz's Invest Gain, the plan that helps you in saying "My family, may you always be happy!".

"Bajaj Allianz Invest Gain" Plan
Bajaj Allianz Invest Gain is a specially designed plan that offers a unique combination of benefits to help you develop a sound financial portfolio for your family. Among the many unique benefits, the most significant is the Family Income Benefit(FIB) that sustains the family by compensating the loss of income due to death or permanent disability. This is a one-stop shop solution that can keep you and your family financially protected attimes when you need it most. In a financial world where choices can drive you crazy, your search for the perfect life insurance plan stops here.
Available as:
• Bajaj Allianz Invest Gain Economy: The basic package
• Bajaj Allianz Invest Gain Gold: With double protection
• Bajaj Allianz Invest Gain Diamond: With triple protection
• Bajaj Allianz Invest Gain Platinum :With quadruple protection
All these packages participate in the profits of the company by way of bonuses, and therefore, grow with time.

The Ultimate Protection - For Your Loved Ones
You can select the unique Family Income Benefit from Bajaj Allianz that ensures total financial protection for your loved ones. In case of death or accidental total permanent disability, a guaranteed monthly income of 1% of the sum assured (12% per annum) is paid till the end of the policy term or at least for a period of 10 years, whichever is higher. Moreover, all future premiums are waived.

Additional Protection for you and your family
You have the option to add the following additional benefits, providing total protection against uncertainties.
(a) Family Income Benefit (FIB) - as already described.
(b) Comprehensive Accident Protection
This benefit provides comprehensive cover in case of an accident. It comprises of:
Accidental Death Benefit
Accidents are always sudden and sometimes fatal. You can't lessen the emotional shock, but you can certainly soften the financial one. Bajaj Allianz Accidental Death Benefit gives the loved ones something to start with after the permanent loss of income by paying an amount equal to the Sum Assured. (subject to a maximum of Rs. 50,00,000/- under all policies with Bajaj Allianz taken together).
Accidental Permanent Total/Partial Disability Benefit
Accidents are unpredictable, and so are the consequences. They may lead to a disability - partial or total. This Benefit provides a financial cushion against such misfortunes. You will get 50% of the Sum Assured in case of partial disability and 100% in case of total disability. (subject to a maximum of Rs. 25,00,000/- for partial and Rs. 50,00,000/- for total disability under all policies with Allianz Bajaj taken together).

Waiver of Premium Benefit
An accident may lead to permanent total disability, limiting one's ability to earn. Bajaj Allianz Waiver of Premium benefit is a helping hand when one needs it most. It waives off all future premiums while keeping the valuable life insurance cover alive, thus enabling you to live up to your commitments.

(c)Critical Illness Benefit (Cl)
Some illnesses are critical. They not only alter one's life's pattern but also result in a financial drain. Bajaj Allianz Critical Illness Benefit softens the impact on the family by paying out the Critical Illness Benefit under the plan immediately, while other policy benefits continue (excluding Hospital Cash Benefit). We cover 11 critical illnesses. You have the flexibility of choosing Critical Illness cover up to the basic Sum Assured selected by you (Minimum Rs.50, 000).

(d) Hospital Cash Benefit (HC)
The worry of settling hospital bills (room charges) adds to the trauma of hospitalization. Bajaj Allianz Hospital Cash Benefit reduces this financial burden and helps recovery with peace of mind.

Flexibility in Coverage
At Bajaj Allianz , we believe in offering benefits and not just products. We realize that you are unique and your needs for insurance vary with time. We therefore offer you the flexibility of inclusion of coverage or exclusion of coverage at each policy anniversary, subject to conditions relating to such inclusions and exclusion. "Comprehensive Accident Protection" can be included and excluded at each policy anniversary. Family Income Benefit, Critical Illness Benefit and Hospital Cash Benefit can be taken at inception only. CI & HC can be reduced or excluded subsequently at any policy anniversary. Once reduced or excluded, they cannot be increased or included subsequently.

Increase in risk coverage
Every added responsibility in your life calls for increase in your risk cover. We provide you the option to increase coverage upto 50% of the basic Sum Assured on each of the following happy moments in your life.
• Your marriage
• The birth of your first child
• The birth of your second child
This additional coverage is not subject to under writing.

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